How to Dress for a Job Interview

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When going for an interview, be sure to make a good impression. You may be highly skilled, extraordinarily talented, with the appropriate educational background and experience as well as the right work attitude but the first impression that will grab the attention of your interviewer is how you look. Dress to impress, this is known as power dressing like creating your own t-shirt. And here is how to achieve it:

tee in white

• To ensure that you are dressed appropriately, you must be aware of the universal dress code in the company you wish to be a part of. To this, you need to do some research, ask around from friends who work in the same company or maybe camp out for a day or two at the company’s front door and observe how the employees are kitted out.

• If the dress code is a suit and tie ensemble, go to the interview in a conservative navy, black or gray suit paired off with a crispy white long-sleeved dress shirt, silk or pseudo silk tie and black well-polished leather shoes. If you don’t own a suit, borrow and rent one, but be sure that it is clean, well pressed and fits.

• For companies that do not require suits, choose a casual outfit consisting of slacks or khakis, a shirt in solid pastel or muted colors that suit you, never boldly patterned. Pair it off with a slip-on shoes and matching belt.

• Carry a leather briefcase or portfolio for your curriculum vitae, references and other documents.

• Take a shower and a close shave and if you sport a beard, make sure that it is well trimmed

• Don’t come to an interview flaunting an earring or several strands of gold necklace or a chunky bracelet, these are not exactly appropriate in the work place, unless you’re applying to be an artist

• Avoid overpowering cologne or aftershave,
Of course, how you answer the interview questions and your overall performance during the interview will be the final measure of whether you are in or out.

Here are some important do’s and don’t’s for men-

When it comes to men’s fashion, one thing that a lot of people forget about is what you shouldn’t do… We’re all worried about what we should do, how it should go, etc… However, if you know what you SHOULDN’T do, then it makes it so much easier for you to figure out what you should do, as opposed to worrying about what you shouldn’t.

First of all, pull your pants up. This is important—there’s nothing fashionable about having your underwear showing. It just looks kind of immature and as if you’re trying to show everything off—it’s easy to just pull them up. Not to mention that it completely changes the way that you look.

Second, clean clothes are always a must. The sniff test rarely works. Make sure that you also fold and press any clothes to keep them from developing wrinkles. This makes it really, really easy for you to just throw them on and then run out of the house.

Next, make sure that if you pick a tie that it has colors that match what you are wearing. For example, if you are wearing a black pair of pants and a bright blue tie, you could wear a blue and grey tie or a black tie or even an orange and black tie.

Not matching isn’t that bad—but at least make sure you’re not matching in something that is casual as opposed to formal. These are just a few tips about what not to do when it comes to men’s fashion.