CNC Technology: Trends for Manufacturing

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Flexible and highly accurate, now’s CNC machining facilities are increasing in popularity because of both big and small woodworking stores engaged in the processing of a wide selection of materials.

The system’s growing usage also can be linked to some trends, such as:

• Mass customization. Whether due to the market or just a sign of the times, some producers with large production runs are dwindling. “Even the repeatability, reduced setup time, the capability of the system to run in pendulum procedure and the parametric capability of applications are strong reasons for the use of CNC machining centres for customized processing,” said one equipment manufacturer.

• Lean and just-in-time manufacturing. According to many manufacturers, the reduced installation time, combined with the system’s repeatability, has led to a reduction of waste (material and time) from the surgery.

• Smaller footprints. In the current factories and stores, both labour and space could be at a premium. MELFAB Engineering provides complete Metal fabrication in Melbourne. Therefore, the flexibility derived in the CNC centre, and a more compact footprint of one machine in contrast to many dedicated machines, becomes an advantage. “We see a very substantial trend going toward big and small companies alike needing a small footprint, wealthy capability machines which have virtually zero setups,” said one CNC machines provider. “As lean principles encourage manufacturers to go away from buying ‘monument’ pieces of gear, we see the tendency for this to intensify to even greater extents in the future.”

• More varied material use. As well as variable dimensions, wood products producers must also contend with a vast range of substrates, such as composite panels, solid wood, honeycomb, metal, plastics and more. This can necessitate add-ons, for example, oil misters or coolants to get rid of material re-weld.

• Benefits to little shops. In addition to altering designs on the fly, “Together with the onboard tooling ability to route, drill, groove, contour, saw, profile, sand, etc., the range of application capabilities on the CNC machining centre is almost limitless,” one machines expert stated.

Added another, “The advantages are similar to a one-piece store to get a manufacturing facility of countless employees: a reduction of manpower, shorter setup and cycle times, improved consistency and quality, improved process and manufacturing flow.

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