Recipe Modification Tips

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Favourite And traditional recipes may often be altered to add more fibre,

Adding more fibre, more fruit and veggies
Thus adding more to some recipe will reduce the kilojoule content of this Complete dish.
Swap some of the poultry or meat for canned or cooked beans.
Swap some of the poultry or meat for grated or chopped vegetables.
Add more veggies to rice and pasta dishes and added to soups.
Swap half of those elegant white flour to get wholemeal flour.
Add grated or chopped veggies or fruit into pikelets, pancakes, scones and muffins.
Utilizing less saturated fat
Utilizing less saturated fat will probably be useful for heart health and also lessen the kilojoules from the dish.
Swap butter to unsaturated margarine or oil in recipes.
Swap high-fat components such as low-fat choices such as utilizing yoghurt rather than sour cream in recipes.
Use smaller quantities of high-fat components, eg use less cheese and switch into a reduced fat more powerful parmesan cheese.
Too high in kilojoules thus still use just smaller quantities, particularly if Making an effort to shed weight. More Information Here.
Use fewer sugars
Sometimes it works nicely to Decrease the quantity gradually and allowtaste buds adapt more gradually.

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Reducing the glucose content may also mean fewer kilojoules.
Adding fruit to a recipe may add flavour and sweetness and decrease the need to include sugars.
It is important to keep in mind that honey, raw sugar, brown sugar and golden syrup are a number of the alternative names for glucose and possess comparable kilojoules to sugar levels.
Use less salt
It can sometimes work well to reduce added salt slowly.
Utilize no Additional salt products when possible for example no Additional salt tinned tomatoes and tomato paste
Use smaller quantities of high salt components such as sauces and include More low salt tastes rather, like spices, herbs, garlic or ginger.

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Fig and Ginger Jam- Preparation for Yum and Health

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Jams are so much fun and easy to prepare for a very special treat, and now, you will be introduced to one of the most delightful and nutritious jams of your life, the fig and ginger jam, jar some and discover a whole new treat of delicious and spice in addition to other gourmet foods. The following will give you a sample of recipe as well as the health befits these figs and ginger made jam. Enjoy!

Fig-Ginger jam

First, you will have to prepare a warm and jam jars and make sure that these are sterilized before use. The best ways for you to prepare a jam jar is to wash it with soap, and hot water and cool them in a period of fifteen minutes. After drying and cooling your jam jars, you may now proceed with the recipe procedure and these are the following.

Preparation of your ingredients and these are:

Washed Figs and diced- for about 1.35 KG and is equivalent to three pounds of ripen figs, Warm (Preserving) Sugar- 1.35KG and equivalent to three pounds ,One and a half tablespoon ground ginger, Peeled and diced apple, Four tablespoons of stem ginger (crystalized) chop them roughly, Five tablespoon white wine vinegar, and three lemons, extract the juice, add 290Ml or a half pint water.

Now, that you already have all these ingredients, you may now proceed with the preparation method

  1. You may now put the sugar, figs, as well as your ground ginger, make sure that you are using a non-metallic bowl so that there will be no occurrence of chemical reactions, have it covered and leave it for at least 6 to 8 hours.
  2. Now, move the sugar and figs into either a sauce pan that is large enough to contain the mixture, or with a preserving pan. Add up the cooking apple, the crystalized ginger, water, lemon and vinegar then stir them gently over a low heat right before all the sugar dissolve evenly, wait until boils and let it simmer with low fire for about 15 to 20 minutes or you way just wait for the fruits to soften or when it achieves the setting point.
  3. You may now remove the jam and cool it for about twenty to twenty five minutes and you may now pour the mixture to the warm jars, and cover them straight ahead.
  4. For the flavor to develop and become richer, all you must do is to place the jam in a cool, dry and clean place for about two to three weeks.

Fig-Ginger jam

Both the ginger and the figs are very essential to your body, making it a jam would enhance the flavor for children will also enjoy the nutrients provided by these ingredients. So buy fig and ginger jam quickly and enjoy its benefits. These can cure so many types of diseases, so what are you waiting for? Follow this recipe now and have that wonderful treat your family and their health will really benefit, you never have to keep the ingredients secret for kids will enjoy it more than their junk.

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